Monday, November 1, 2010

!!!One Red Patch Cable TRADED!!!

That's right. the One Red Patch Cable has now left the building. I traded it for an Ederol UM-2 USB to midi converter.

I made the trade to a fella named Mirand from Northern California. Here's a picture of him and his gear plus a little something about his interests and the trade....

"I got into MIDI and recording gear in 1993. Due to procrastination, electronic music has remained at a hobby level, occasionally playing with or for friends. The UM-2 was used for configuring my tone module from the laptop, and was part of my plan to transition to software sequencers. Recently, I decided to buy a M-Audio interface with audio, allowing me to abandon my hardware recorder. The day I got home from that purchase, I saw a link on Twitter from @SynthGear to One Red Patch Cable. I figured that I could afford to at least get you started with something that has a MIDI port."

....he also made an unboxing video of the cable. Check out the warnings :D


P.S. I've already received offers for the UM-2 and will be posting info on the next trade soon ;)


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